Spring is finally here! While snow is still falling over much of Minnesota, we can see the early signs of spring. Unfortunately, the spring thaw brings a whole host of problems. With the warmer temperatures and moisture, many bugs, such as mosquitos, come out in full force.

The thawing ground can also lead to foundation cracks and other problems with your home. Many of these issues create an accessible entrance for a variety of bugs.

At Environmental Pest Management, we want to help you prepare for the warmer weather, and the bugs it brings. We will provide regular pest management at your home, and promptly deal with any infestations that arise. You can trust us with your home, no matter the season. Spring brings a set of symptoms and solutions for pests.

Excess Moisture

As winter ice and snows melt, the significant amount of moisture becomes a problem. There are steps you can take to prevent excessive damage to your home.

Besides damage to your home, excess moisture is attractive to pests. Many bugs and insects, like mosquitos, are attracted to the water that is around your house. Eliminating this water will not only decrease the number of pests but also preserve the integrity of your home.

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How to Prevent Damage and Pests from Water

There are a few easy things you can do to prevent water buildup and damage in your home. If you have a basement, ensure that your sump pump is working correctly and that you have a battery backup just in case you lose power. You don’t want any water standing in your basement.

Inspect the outside of your home. Doing a thorough examination and removing any debris or buildup around your home will take away potential hiding places for pests. Plus, removing debris from gutters and downspouts will ensure water can freely flow away from your house, bringing the bugs with it.

Doors and windows are other places to inspect. If there are openings or cracks, bugs and water can get inside. Both of these things could cause damage to your home. Also, make sure your exterior walls are sealed, and there are no gaps in the siding or holes in the bricks.

Thoroughly inspect your foundation in the spring. Wet, soggy soil and landscaping around your home could adversely affect your foundation. If you notice any cracks in your foundation, there could be structural issues with your house. The cracks also provide a way for pests to get in.

To help repel bugs and insects, keep the landscaping of your home in good shape. Ensure there is proper drainage, so water flows away from your house. This strategy will help the lawn and keep away bugs. Also, make sure nothing is overgrown or in large piles around your home, to remove hiding places for insects.

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Pest Problems

If you do have standing water, and you have noticed those annoying biting insects, you are probably wondering how to get rid of mosquitos.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs either in water or around it. Females mosquitoes prefer standing water, frequently in a container made by humans. After the mosquito eggs hatch, they will become blooding-drinking adults in only one week.

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How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

The most important thing you can do to limit the number of mosquitoes in and around your home is to ensure there is no standing water. At least weekly, empty water from containers around your home.

Make sure you scrub and turn over any containers, such as flower pots, pet bowls, buckets, pools, birdbaths, and trash cans. Scrubbing the container will remove any mosquito eggs, and keeping the containers upside-down will ensure water does not collect again.

If you do need to store water for any reason, keep the container or pool tightly covered. A mosquito will not be able to get inside and lay their eggs if there is a lid over the water.


General Tips to Avoid Pests this Spring

In addition to monitoring your home for water issues and mosquitoes, several other strategies will help ensure pests don’t become a problem this spring. Keeping your home clean inside and out is essential to keeping bugs at bay.

Insects love clutter. Piles and enclosed spaces that are warm and safe are perfect for hiding out. A garage or shed full of clutter is a dream for bugs. The same goes for interior rooms. Don’t stop at piles. To avoid bugs in your home, go through your cabinets and pantry and toss opened or expired food.

Following a regular cleaning schedule will go a long way in keeping pests away from your home. Keeping dust and dirt outside will deter bugs, too. Along with cleaning, regular home maintenance is also vital. Keeping screens and door seals in working order goes a long way in protecting your home from pests.

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Cleaning Tools

Call Environmental Pest Management

If you are concerned about the spring thaw or have already seen some bugs around, call Environmental Pest Management. We will do a thorough inspection and find any pests that have already made their way in. We will also predict how bugs might enter your home and stop them before they can.

We want all pests, from mosquitoes and ants to mice and spiders, outside your home. To be successful, we have to take care of the inside and outside. We will get any unwelcome pests out, and make sure they stay there.

Most importantly, Environmental Pest Management customizes our service for each of our customers. No two homes with pests are the same, and no two treatments are the same. To create the best plan, we will combine our initial inspection with input from you, the customer.

At Environmental Pest Management, we want to be your partner in keeping your home pest-free. You don’t have to worry about how to keep mosquitoes out, anymore. While we can’t fix your foundation cracks, we can keep unwanted pests from taking advantage of them. Call Environmental Pest Management today.