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BatBats found in Minnesota and Wisconsin are primarily of 2 species. The Little Brown Bat & the Big Brown Bat. Both of these species are common and we occasionally even find both species living in the same structure.

Bats occupy our homes for the purpose of finding overwintering harborage and for the purpose of colony development, breeding, and social interaction. Bats are mammals but not rodents. They have insect eating teeth and cannot gnaw into structures. They must use existing entry points to get into your home. Attic spaces, as well as wall voids and soffit/fascia areas, are the voids most commonly used by bats to colonize in your home.


Our control methods do not kill the bats but allow us to exclude them from your home and allow them to merge with other colonies in the area and continue providing the beneficial effect of eating vast quantities of insects. Estimates for control are based closely on inspection to determine what must be done to eliminate the problem and bat proof your home or business. We must see the problem before we can provide you with an estimate for a solution. Call us for an estimate and a free inspection.

Important Considerations

It is not possible to do bat elimination during certain times of the year. These times include the hibernation period where the bats are inside and sealing of holes would seal the bats in your home (not a good option !!!) The other time is when the young bats have been born and are flightless. Sealing up of a home at this time is not recommended as both young bats and adult females may be sealed inside.

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