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Commercial Pest Management Services

Multi-FamilyThe following information is meant to give prospective clients a brief look at our service and help them evaluate our company as a vendor. Thank you for visiting our website and feel free to contact us anytime.

Environmental Pest Management Systems (EPMS) is involved with a large variety of Multi Housing projects and a number of management companies from individual owners with a small apartment building to larger management companies that manage many thousands of apartment units. We treat pest issues from cockroaches, mice, rats, bed bugs and a host of varieties of flying and crawling insects and rodents.

EPMS has developed and continues to develop safer and more effective programs for the elimination and prevention of pests in some very challenging environments. Our clients find that we are well equipped to handle the challenges thrown in our direction. The following pest issues are commonly found in Multi Housing and we approach each one a bit differently.


RodentsIt is always important to find the source and entry point for these little visitors. Simply trapping and baiting will not solve the problem unless we answer the questions of why and how they entered the structure. Control, using permanent seal up, void treatment, baiting, trapping and use of natural predator repellents are used in concert to solve the problems effectively.

Bed Bugs

Bed BugsA relatively new but serious problem, We started seeing bedbugs re-appear about 6 years ago in large numbers as they were reintroduced from overseas. We have been successfully treating this problem for a number years now and have developed a system that works extremely well. The key is sanitation, preparation on the part of the renter followed up with 2 extremely detailed treatments that give the bugs no chance to hide. We provide a detailed list of preparation steps that need to be taken and then schedule treatment. Our approach continues to be that of an aggressive surgical like treatment of units having the problem with inspection and monitoring of adjoining units, and follow up inspection of the treated unit.


CockroachesThe German Roach is still around and is always a potential hitchhiker with new residents coming into your property. Our successful treatment of this pest is based on routine inspection, improving sanitation and treatment using the cutting edge technology that continues to come to the forefront. Cockroaches are successfully treated in our accounts and we consider elimination our goal.


AntsUse of baits and exterior management techniques allow us to effectively control this problem with a high degree of success.


MSDS sheets, sanitation reports, log sheets and sighting reports are contained in a customized log book that we provide for each site.


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