Insulation is one of the most fundamentally important parts of your home. It serves many different purposes, including lowering your energy bill and keeping your house comfortable.

Since insulation is so important, why not go above and beyond? If your insulation could give you even more benefits than usual, then that is an easy choice for you as a homeowner.

TAP insulation will give these improvements and then some. This insulation is an environmentally safe, sound dampening, fire-resistant, pest controlling insulation.

TAP stands for Thermal, Acoustical, and Pest Control, which are the main characteristics of it. With all the added benefits of TAP, you get more bang for your buck.

This unique and innovative insulation is excellent at keeping any unwanted pests out of your home. These pests include ants, termites, cockroaches, silverfish, and many more.

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The obvious benefit of any insulation is the ability to keep your house warm on cold days and cool on hot days. It does this by blocking the outside weather while trapping in the comfortable temperatures inside your home.

Better insulation means you don’t have to use as much energy to regulate the temperature of your house. Using less energy directly translates to you, saving more money on your bills.

The secret to good insulation is the balance between how dense it is and how light it is. Density will stop the airflow, while light materials (and air pockets) will trap heat better.

Since TAP is denser than your traditional insulation, it does a better job of stopping airflow. The efficiency is especially useful for the coldest months of the year when you need it most.

Additionally, TAP is an ENERGY STAR partner with the Energy Star seal of approval. You can be at ease, knowing your insulation is of the highest quality and safety standards.


One advantage that many don’t consider when thinking of insulation is noise reduction. Poor quality insulation won’t reduce noise nearly as well as higher quality materials.

The noise cancellation works both ways! Annoying sounds from outdoors, such as traffic or sirens, won’t pierce into your home. At the same time, your indoor sounds, such as toilets flushing or appliances running, won’t make it outside.

As with the thermal benefits, sound likes to travel through solid materials. TAP gets designed with small air pockets that quickly disperse the noise coming through the fibers.

The noise suppression of this material is unparalleled. A standard installation of TAP insulation across your entire attic area will nearly eliminate all of the outdoor noises.

You don’t have to deal with annoying noises such as airplanes flying overhead or your neighbors mowing their lawn at an inconvenient time. You deserve peace at all times.

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Pest Control

While the high-quality materials of TAP make it stand out above the crowd, it becomes truly unique with its ability to keep pests out of your home. It would be best if you always had the comfort knowing that no pesky intruders are wandering around in your attic or your walls.

TAP insulation uses a borate material that is commonly used by pest management professionals. The borate material is added directly to the paper fibers, making it a powerful all-in-one solution to pest control.

The borate material is typically placed around the baseboards of homes and the outside of homes to kill insects. You have nothing to worry about, as the material is safe for humans.

The substance will cling onto the legs and bodies of insects crawling around, which then get consumed by the insect when it cleans itself. The particles disturb their digestive functions which leads to starvation.

TAP is an excellent solution for removing all sorts of insects. Anything from roaches, crickets, beetles, centipedes and millipedes, termites, and ants will all get targeted.

With this pest control solution, you don’t have to go through the trouble of strategically laying traps or buying additional pesticides for your home. The TAP insulation will be working around the clock, 24/7, actively stopping bugs and critters. For more information about pest control safety, check this out.

How It Compares To Standard Insulation

Now that you’ve seen all of the benefits of TAP insulation, I’m sure you’re wondering what it all means compared to the “normal stuff.” Let’s jump into it.


First, we need to know how insulation gets measured against other materials. The term is called R-value, which stands for resistance value. R-value is the indicator of performance for the slowing of heat. The higher the R-value, the better the results you can expect from your insulation.

With that said, TAP Pest Control Insulation boasts an R-value of 3.6 per inch. This R-value is higher than any other type of insulation on the market.

The performance of TAP, coupled with the acoustical and pest control capabilities, makes this choice a no brainer. It is a great option to keep your home both warm and secure.

According to the Insulation Institute, residential electricity prices have jumped by 39% since 2004. Now more than ever, you want good insulation in your home to keep the costs down.

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Going Green

While many products like to claim to be “green,” not all of them live up to the expectations. From the production to the benefits, TAP has you covered.

TAP insulation is made from 80% recycled paper and then combined with the borate material. The reuse of such a large amount of paper is a massive victory for the environment.

Additionally, the energy your home will be saving will reduce your carbon footprint drastically. Month by month, you’ll be using less energy, which saves you money and helps the ecosystem.

The benefits of TAP insulation cannot get overstated. You get to stay more comfortable in your home while keeping annoying critters at bay. If you’d like to remove your old insulation and install a brand new blanket of TAP, contact the experts at Environmental Pest Management.