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Saint Paul, MN Pest Control Services

If you live in Saint Paul or a surrounding community, you’ll be happy to know that Bugtech serves your area. We’ve been around since 1986, and in that time we’ve come across all kinds of insects and wildlife. You can count on us to eliminate the following pests.



The two most common ants you’ll find are carpenter ants and pavement ants. Carpenter ants are black or red in color and like to nest inside moist wood, so you’ll likely find them around the bathroom or in the basement. It won’t be hard to spot wood that has been infested because these ants eject the sawdust from their tunnels (they don’t eat wood), making a conspicuous pile of it.

Pavement ants, true to their name, nest under pavements and other concrete structures, but they can hide under debris in your yard and invade your home if it provides warmth. Both ants like to forage for meat and sweet foods, so you’ll often find them around garbage cans. Both are winged, and both create large colonies. The few that you spot will scatter if you try to eliminate them with standard sprays, so let us track them to their nest so we can exterminate them all at once.

Moisture-Dwelling Insects, Centipedes, Millipedes

Moisture-Dwelling Insects

By this, we generally mean centipedes and millipedes. The house centipede can grow to about an inch long, has only 30 legs, and can crawl very fast. Millipedes, with their numerous short legs, are the ones with wave-like motions.

Both pose a threat to humans; centipedes will bite you and transmit a paralyzing venom, numbing and inflaming the area, while millipedes emit a fluid when they’re provoked, irritating the eyes and skin. Millipedes can also burrow into plant soil, especially those of greenhouse plants, and eat the roots.

Both insects prefer damp, dark hiding places, and they can enter almost anywhere: open doors, windowsills, even the foundation. Millipedes have a habit of gathering on porches and patios. To keep them away, you might want to spread some diatomaceous earth around your property. We’ll get rid of them for good using chemical and non-chemical treatments.



Like the other pests mentioned above, rats and mice will enter your home for a warm place to dwell. To build their nests, they’ll tear away any soft materials lying around, such as cardboard, cotton wool, and fiberglass insulation. Rodents will gnaw at your wood, not for food but in order to wear down their incisors. If they got in through a hole in the attic or a crack in the basement, they’ll try and burrow into the rest of your property. They usually aim for the kitchen.

After performing exclusion, we can eliminate rodents through traps or baits. Don’t take chances with these creatures; they’re known to carry a myriad viruses and bacteria.

Affordable Pest Control in St. Paul

Bugtech can set you up for a convenient appointment if you’re at the stage where you suspect a pest invasion. Give us a call today! You’ll get a free estimate for service.

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