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The close-knit community of Rosemount has a strong connection to the environment. It’s a more countrified residential alternative to the bustling town of St. Paul, a few miles away. However, everyone will agree that pests have no place in the area’s ecosystem. Bugtech offers quality pest control in Rosemount to help keep the area clean and clear of unwanted insects and rodents.

Bugtech offers Rosemount pest control solutions for commercial, residential, and multi-family properties. The company can also assist with TAP insulation.

Pests We Deal With

Our Rosemount pest control services cover a variety of pests. You can get in touch with us to discuss your exact pest issue. Some of the main ones we deal with on a regular basis include the following.



There are many different species and sizes of rodents in the Rosemount area. These include roof rats and field mice. Having rodents in your home can pose a health hazard as rodents carry a lot of diseases. They can also cause damage to your home when they nest behind walls, under the floorboards, in the attic and basement, inside furniture, in cupboards, etc.

Rodents breed quickly, so a small rodent problem can quickly escalate into a major infestation. Setting up some rat traps will not help you get on top of the issue. It’s best to get professional pest control. Our Rosemount team will quickly assess your situation and come up with a solution to eradicate the current population as well as prevent rodents from coming back.



Ants play a key role in keeping the Rosemont environment functioning properly, but if they invade your home, they will be doing far more harm than good. Some ant species are particularly destructive. The main species we see on the job include carpenter ants, which wreak havoc on all your wood, and odorous house ants.

Ants form colonies, which can have hundreds of worker ants in them. As they go about their work of finding food and tending to young ant larvae, they leave pheromone trails behind them for other ants to pick up. This means more and more ants could end up in your home.

Bugtech’s technicians have the training and experience to safely eradicate an ant infestation. Our team members will inspect your ant problems and eliminate the colony, as well as perform preventative treatment to stop future ant invasions.

Moisture-dwelling Insects


Insects like the bed bug, silverfish, centipedes, mosquitoes, and millipedes are prolific in the Rosemount area. These pests can invade your home via baseboard cracks and plumbing gaps. They need moisture to breed and thus are more prevalent in the spring and summer.

Bugtech technicians will inspect your moisture-dwelling insect issue and prescribe the appropriate eliminatory action. Technicians will also set up barriers so that these pests cannot get into your home again.

Professional Pest Control in Rosemount

Protect your home from unwanted pests. Reach out to Bugtech for a free quote today. Our team members will help you schedule an appointment so that we can suggest the best way to deal with your pest problem.

Service Areas

Bugtech is a proud member of the Rosemount, MN community. We serve homes and businesses in the Rosemont area, as well as in the following towns, amongst others: