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Ramsey, MN Pest Control

Life has a way of slowing down in Ramsey, giving residents a chance to catch up on all the small things in their lives and to escape the noise of the Twin Cities. This suburban city may provide some sanctuary from the highly populous Minneapolis and Saint Paul, but it doesn’t offer much protection from common pest insects and rodents. Bugtech has ways of dealing with pests, helping you to rest easy in The North Star State.



Seeing one ant might not seem like a problem, that is until you notice a long line of ants following in pursuit. These small pests live in colonies with hundreds of members, and each ant has its own responsibilities such as finding food and tending to the larvae. They produce pheromone trails as they roam the land, creating a path and signaling for other ants to follow.

Our technicians are highly trained and know how to eliminate ants of all types, from wood-destroying carpenter ants to home-invading odorous house ants. We’ll inspect your home, treat the colony and prevent future infestations.



Rodents come in all shapes and sizes, from small field mice to large roof rats. These pests do more than invade your home and build nests behind the walls; they also contaminate your living spaces with feces and diseases. They breed nonstop and can take over homes and businesses within a few months. It takes more than setting up a couple store-bought traps to handle and to prevent a rodent infestation.

Our experienced pest control professionals will take immediate action and inspect your home for rodents in the most common places, including the attic, the basement, behind the walls and in cracks and crevices under cabinets and beneath the house. We use curative and preventative methods to eliminate rodents and to keep them from returning.

Moisture-Dwelling Insects

Moisture-Dwelling Insects

Moisture-dwelling insects such as millipedes, centipedes, and silverfish are abundant in The Land of 10,000 Lakes. These insects infest bathrooms across Ramsey and invade through the gaps around plumbing or the cracks in baseboards. Some moisture-dwelling insects prefer to stay outside the home, such as mosquitoes. These pests need water for breeding and can quickly grow out of control after spring and summer showers.

Our licensed technicians will inspect your home for moisture-dwelling insects and use the appropriate treatments to eliminate them. We can set up preventative barriers around your home to stop future infestations both indoors and outdoors.

Professional Ramsey Pest Control

Contact Bugtech in Ramsey to receive a free quote and to schedule an appointment with our trained technicians. A pest infestation will only get worse if you ignore the problem or use the wrong treatments. Our experienced team can knock out infestations for good and help to prevent future pests from invading your home or business.