As the weather changes, so do the habits of household pests. Pests and insects are looking for places to hide and stay warm and cozy in the winter or cool and comfortable during the summer. 

When this happens, these invaders are going to seek the comfort of your home, making them an annoyance to the family. These tiny invaders can come into your home and cause property damage, intruding in objects like food products, wood, and papers. 

Often homeowners will take it upon themselves to rid their homes of unwanted pests. This means a trip to the hardware store or trying a new DIY treatment. Both of these options can be challenging to accomplish alone and lead to a dangerous outcome. 

Rather than treat it yourself, contact Environmental Pest Management to handle unwelcome house guests. 

When you hire professional pest control, you can rest assured that individuals are trained to handle chemicals safely and effectively. They are well versed in practices to keep your family safe. For the quickest, most efficient, and lasting pest removal, hire a professional pest control service.

Keeps Your Family Healthy 

Besides being bothersome and gross, pests can carry many diseases or harmful bacteria that can increase your family’s exposure to illness. For example, cockroaches are known carriers of the bacterias E. coli and salmonella. 

Both infestations or cockroaches and rodents can exacerbate health issues related to allergies and asthma. Cockroaches and rodents have a protein in their droppings known to cause allergic reactions in individuals with sensitive immune systems. These reactions can cause life-threatening asthma attacks and allergic reactions.  

Ticks are carriers of Lyme disease, ants can contaminate your food pantry. Bees and wasps can cause injuries or trigger anaphylactic reactions through the venom they inject when they sting. 

The longer a pest resides in your home, the more dangerous conditions can become. A pest professional not only eliminates the invaders but provides helpful information on how to prevent them from returning. 

Pest control concept in flat style design. Cockroaches run away from home.Chemical treatment and protection against termites, cockroaches, fleas, agricultural pests.

Eliminates the Risk of Using Chemicals

Most of the readily available pest treatments on the market have been approved for home use. However, you should always be cautious in handling chemicals that are unfamiliar to you. A skilled pest technician knows when and how much chemicals to use to prevent any harm to humans or pets. 

Many pest removal products on the market will appear initially effective; however, they will not permanently eliminate your infestation. Many of these treatments are only effective on the surface. 

These products will rid you of the pests that you see scurrying around your home and property.  However, they do not treat the problem at the source. 

The source of a majority of infestations, whether a termite colony or rats nest, are often out of your sight. These “invisible” pests can not be controlled with over the counter pest control products. 

Identify and Eliminate Pests 

Pest companies eliminate all different types of pests. This list includes various rodents and a variety of insects- bees, ants, cockroaches, mosquitos, flys, wasps, fleas, and termites. 

Different baits and chemicals are necessary to withdraw and eliminate each different pests. A licensed pest technician is educated in the safe and proper dosages of chemicals. They also know where and when to apply them. 

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A noteworthy benefit of using a professional pest control service is that the professionals have the knowledge to identify the pest invading your property. Knowing which pests are at your home and how they get in helps decide which elimination method is best.

Companies can eradicate pests by using poisoned bait, baited traps, or various chemicals. Some professional pest control companies specialize in organic or green pest control

Locating the Source

Your professionals will maximize the effect of the treatment by also locating the source of the infestation. If the infestation source is not located and eliminated, more infestations are likely to occur within the home. 

Some sources can include batches of hidden eggs, nests,  garbage cans, plants, soil, pet food, or particular areas within your walls. 

Pest Control Worker Hand Holding Sprayer For Spraying Pesticides

Save Your Time

When you hire professionals, they can provide quicker and more successful results than if you try to treat the infestation yourself. Between their experience and the products and chemicals that are not as readily available to consumers, they swiftly implement plans for extermination and eliminate pests in a short amount of time. 

A typical treatment can last from anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour. Any moisture, sanitation, and environmental conditions can affect the length the treatment may last. It can take up to six hours for treatment.

A larger problem that requires any fumigation can take up to a week to complete. The home will need time to retire to a safe environment for your family. 

Avoid Damages to Property and Belongings

Different pests can pose unique risks to your property and belongings. Termites cause damage to approximately 600,000 homes in the U.S., costing U.S. residents an estimated $5 billion annually in damages. 

If you have a termite infestation, your belongings and the structural integrity of your home are compromised. These insects feast on hardwood floors, wooden furniture, and structural beams that support your home. 

Other insect invaders prefer to eat fibers putting clothing, upholstered surfaces, beds, blankets, and towels at risk for damages. While a rodent infestation can result in damages to your electrical wiring and insulation in your home. 

The most efficient way to protect yourself from these damages is to pay a licensed professional to identify and quickly eradicate the pest infestation within your home and property.

34 Years of Experience

When you choose Environmental Pest Management, you are getting 34 years of pest management experience and our commitment to excellence. Our company is associated with the National Pest Management Association and the Minnesota Pest Management Association. 

We pride ourselves on the use of environmentally safe products and our master licensed technicians. Contact us to book your free inspection today.