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Bugtech Pest Control in Prior Lake

Prior Lake is full of natural beauty and wonders that allow you to escape into the rural quiet away from traffic. But you know what doesn’t help you relax and enjoy getting ready for a day of zebra mussel hunting? Pests.

The last thing you want is unwanted creatures making their way into your home. When you need expert pest control in Prior Lake and the surrounding areas, look no further than Bug Tech.

We offer high-quality services to local homeowners and businesses alike. Contact us for a free quote and a pest-free home from the top Prior Lake pest control services team.

Learn more about what just some of the creatures our team can take care of for you.



Ants are a common pest and can be disruptive to your life and difficult to remove from your home. Homes near Prior Lake, MN, may find carpenter ants buried deep in the wood, such as floorboards or pavement ants tucked under roofs or slabs outside.

As the winters become harsher, these common nuisances look for heat and a food source indoors. We offer effective pest solutions to remove ants from your house. Give us a call for pest control in Prior Lake if you believe you have an ant problem.

Bees & Wasps

Paper Wasp

Suspect you have an issue with bees, wasps, or hornets? Contact us here at Bug Tech for Prior Lake pest control.

There are two different types of wasps you might have pest problems within the Prior Lake area. These are Yellowjackets and Paper (Umbrella) Wasps. These might look very similar but differ in shape, size, and color.

Yellowjacket wasps are most commonly found inside walls or underground. It’s best to let the experts in if you think you have a colony. Don’t seal the nest up as this makes them angry and can be dangerous.

Similarly, Paper (Umbrella) wasps can prove dangerous and sting. They can most commonly be found in the eaves of your attic or hanging down.



Due to Prior Lake’s beautiful location, many homes will find themselves with spider issues, given the proximity to the water. Most spiders are relatively harmless in the Midwest, but two species can be dangerous to humans: recluse spiders and widow spiders.

Our pest solutions involve finding the source of the issue and treating it via non-chemical means if possible. If you find yourself with common pest problems, like spiders in the Prior Lake, MN, area, contact our experts who can advise you on the next steps and take your worries away.

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We’re prepared to deal with your pest problem and rid your home of obscure and common pests alike. Whether you need a bed bug treatment or nest removal, we’re here to help. Our team members are experts, and you can trust that you’ll receive the best possible service.

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