Warmer weather means the start of a lot of annual activities such as landscaping and spring cleaning. Adding some plants that keep mosquitos away is at the top of our list this spring. 

Introducing plants into your home and yard that deter mosquitoes is a small and beautiful way to help prevent mosquito activity. Fewer mosquitoes mean fewer bug bites, which means a better time had by all. 

At Environmental Pest Management, we take pride in finding ways to combat pests. Planting flowers and grasses that are natural deterrents of mosquitos are a great start. 

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Are There Any Plants That Keep Mosquitos Away?

A bright flower garden in someone's backyard.

There are a variety of plants that may help deter mosquitoes. They also smell amazing and are fabulous additions to your Minnesota landscape.

Plants alone are unlikely to deter large amounts of mosquitos. Most natural repellents are made from the extract of the plant, not the plant itself. 

So unless you’re crushing your plants, you may be happier combining this strategy with other methods.

Start by clearing away any standing water in birdbaths or other containers. Mosquitoes love to lay their eggs in stagnant water. Then, add some of these plants to your backyard design.

Plants That Keep Mosquitos Away

1. Citronella Grass 

A citronella plant planted in the ground. Citronella is a plant that help keep mosquitos away.

Citronella may be the best-known plant for keeping mosquitos away.

Also commonly known as lemongrass for its scent, citronella grass is a common ingredient in most bug repellents. It’s also common in outdoor candles and torches meant for mosquito control. 

This beautiful lemon-scented plant is hearty and can grow to be quite large. The fragrant plant thrives in full sun and warm weather. 

You can use a potted citronella plant as a natural mosquito repellent in your home. Be sure to protect it from cooler temperatures. 

2. Marigolds

Bright orange flowers planted in a garden known as Marigolds.

Who doesn’t love a multi-tasker? Marigolds are an easy to grow annual plant that not only keeps mosquitos away but also protects against: 

  • Aphids
  • Tomato HornWorms
  • Squash Beetles

All of those pests can be harmful, especially to vegetable and flower-based gardens. Marigolds are also ideal for making a border when landscaping. 

3. Mint

A closeup of mint plant leaves.

Mint is a welcome addition to any yard or garden based on its scent alone. Not only does this plant keep mosquitos away, but it also smells lovely.

The more intense the smell of mint in the air, the better it is working

There are other reasons to plant mint in your yard. Different types of mint not only repel mosquitoes and other pesky insects, but it’s excellent for cooking and making refreshing drinks. 

Peppermint is excellent for nausea and other around-the-house uses as well, like cleaning and aromatherapy. 

4. Bee Balm 

Purple flowers known as Bee Balm.

Also known as Monarda and Horsemint, these are some colorful flowers. They come in red, pink, lavender, white, and purple. 

These gorgeous colors make them a helpful addition to any landscaping project. The chemicals that fight mosquitoes can be released by crushing the leaves to release the oils. 

The oils released have a pleasant fragrance. It is also attractive to both bees and hummingbirds, which are always welcome for pollination.  

5. Lavender

Purple Lavender flowers. Lavender is a plant to keep mosquitos away.

Lavender is widely known for its relaxing fragrance and medicinal properties. A lesser-known property is pest management. 

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The oils and chemicals of this power plant will block the sense of smell for mosquitos. It can also keep rabbits and other pests out of your yard. 

Lavender is drought-resistant and is very low-maintenance, needing only good sunlight and drainage. 

6. Rosemary 

Closeup of rosemary plant sprigs.

Commonly used in cooking, rosemary is also excellent for deterring mosquitos! 

If used in landscaping, rosemary can protect lawns and gardens from carrot flies and cabbage moths as well. 

It is best to grow rosemary in a pot, as it seems to thrive when placed in them. Potting this plant also makes it ideal for use in the winter for seasoning. 

7. Sage 

A sage plant.

Sage has been used for centuries for several purposes ranging from spiritual reasons to ceremony to cooking. 

The smoke from sage plants can be used to stave off mosquitos. This is a great trick for those with a firepit or a campfire. 

Some insect-repelling plants that deserve an honorable mention include lemon balm, floss flowers, and scented geraniums. Adding any of these plants to your landscape will help keep mosquitoes away. 

Extracts and Natural Oils From Plants That Keep Mosquitos Away

A dropper dropping into a glass brown bottle of plant extarcts.

Getting the most out of your home is important. The plants being used in landscaping and decor should be no different. 

Some plants keep mosquitoes away better after a bit of processing. The oils and extracts that are found in these plants should serve in more than decor and repelling pests. 


Lavender oil and extracts have been used in aromatherapy, spa treatment, and, yes, mosquito repellant. Not only does it smell good and get rid of pesky pests, but it helps you to relax as well. 

Bee Balm 

The extracts of the bee balm plant have several uses. Medically, the extract can be used for scrapes, stings, and stress relief. 

To release the oils and extracts, simply crush its leaves. 


For the most part, citronella oil is burned to protect humans from mosquitos. It can be found in anything from candles to spray bug sprays. 

Bigger Issues Need a Professional 

Dead mosquitoes on a white background.

When plants alone don’t do the job, it’s time to call in a professional

Environmental Pest Management believes in treating pest issues while keeping the environment in mind. We also have a passion for keeping our clients safe. 

Call the professionals for your pest problem. We’ll address the issue and prevent you from using potentially dangerous chemicals around your home. 

For 35 years, we have worked using methods that are both environmentally responsible and humane. 

Treating the area with preventative measures will help deter a return of the infestation. 

We believe in doing our jobs right the first time so that our clients will be comfortable in their homes. 

We have memberships with the National Pest Management Association and the Minnesota Pest Management Association. These memberships allow us to partner with the best minds in our industry. 

Those memberships also offer us the opportunity to continue to educate ourselves in the very best methods. This alone guarantees excellent service to our clients. 

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