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Pest Control New Brighton

When you live in New Brighton MN there is no doubt you have seen your fair share of pests. Our team at Environmental Pest Management is here to control pest control in New Brighton.

The Minnesota climate is a perfect habitat for many different types of pests that can be a strong annoyance in your everyday life. Regardless if it is a few small ants or a rodent that you can’t seem to get rid of, Environmental Pest Control is here to save you the hassle of trying to get rid of them yourself.

A few of the pests that we handle include:

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Unfortunately, bed bugs have become a widespread issue throughout the United States and across the world due to the increase in international travel. These little pests tend to be a problem due to their strengthened resistance to chemicals that have been used to get rid of them in the past. Due to this stronger resistance, bed bugs require professional pest control management. Call Environmental Pest Management today to rid your space of bed bugs.



These pests are one that everyone is familiar with in New Brighton, MN. They show up in swarms to outdoor events and sneak into open doors. Reservoirs, ponds, and swamps are breeding grounds for mosquitos. It is not common knowledge that mosquitos do not require blood to live as they can also feed on nectar. These pests are responsible for the most human deaths compared to other insects. Mosquitos can transmit a number of deadly diseases through a single bite. Due to this, pest control is very important to keep the mosquitos at bay. Call Environmental Pest Managment today.

No one likes pests. Whether you are battling bed bugs, fighting mosquitos, or dealing with any other pests, call Environmental Pest Managment for all of your pest control needs in New Brighton, MN!

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