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Pest Control in Northfield, MN

Northfield is home to many beautiful parks and charming downtown life. And while this makes for an idyllic town to live in, it is also the home of unwanted pests. If bed bugs or other pests begin to enter your home, you may just have an infestation on your hands.

As the weather changes, certain pests will become more active, so constant vigilance is necessary. Proper pest control can help eliminate pests and prevent further infestations. Here are a few of the common household pests you might see in your home that can be taken care of by Bugtech.



One of the most common household pests is ants. Ants are known to travel in large colonies. Since they live in large colonies, seeing one may allude to hundreds or thousands in your home or business.

Bugtech’s Northfield pest control services can locate and build a strategy to keep the ant population low.



These eight-legged creatures can invade your home year-round. However, fall is usually the season where they appear the most and when you’ll need pest control in Northfield. Spiders tend to settle down in dark corners, near corners of windows, and in the depths of basements. Spiders don’t enter homes often, so you might have a pest problem if you see several of the same spiders.

Thankfully, most spiders are harmless and can potentially take care of other pest problems. Bugtech can provide you with local pest control services to find and diagnose the potential infestation. If you have a spider problem, look no further for pest control in Northfield than Bugtech.



There are hundreds of species of beetle located in the US. There’s a high chance a few may appear in your home year-round.

Beetles are harmless pests that come in all shapes and sizes. An infestation has likely occurred if you see many beetles in one area.

One example of beetles that can cause issues are the wood-boring beetles that arrive if you burn wood to heat your home. These beetles attach themselves to firewood, bringing a pest control issue into your home.

Rodents (Squirrels & Mice)


Small rodents can enter your home through various openings, such as a hole in the roofing. These pests climb into your home via an access point in the wall.

Rodents can be a nuisance, even if it’s just one. You can discover these pests due to their noisy behavior.

Their consistent burrowing will not only cause headaches but will damage your property. In addition, mice and squirrels can chew through wiring, destroying pieces of equipment. They may even die and cause a severe rotting smell in your walls and flooring.

Northfield Pest Control Solutions

Bugtech is home to many professionals with customer service resources to help handle your pest control situation. Services include all residential and commercial properties.

Bugtech services handle all locations in Northfield and the greater Twin Cities area. Visit our site to request a quote and fight your pest control issue today!