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New Prague Pest Control

New Prague experiences profound changes in climate with each new season. The area can get very hot in summer and quite chilly in winter. At each season change juncture, insects and rodents may become more apparent as they hunt for shelter and food. This is when you need pest control in New Prague.

Unwanted critters in your home or business premises can be unsanitary, and they also cause damage to your property. Having New Prague pest control services from Bug Tech take care of your pest problem will keep your environment hygienic and save money on repairs. Get in touch today.

Our Services

If you need pest control in New Prague, you can’t go wrong with Bug Tech. With over 100 years in the business, we will take care of any issues. We can take care of residential and commercial pests.

The team at Bug Tech will help keep your home safe from common pest issues. You can get in touch with us for a free estimate.

Common Types of Pest in New Prague

Several species present a common pest issue scenario in New Prague. These species include those of the insect variety and some furry critters.

Ants and Wasps


Ants can take over your home and cause much damage as they need more food and space. You need a good pest control company if your ant problem is out of hand.

Wasps can also cause hassles and should be eradicated. They may damage parts of your home where they build nests, and their stings are painful and unpleasant, especially for young children.



If you have wood in your home, termites can be a serious risk. They get into and devour wood features remarkably quickly. This will impact your wall and roof beams, house foundations, interior wooden fixtures, and furniture.



Some people have a bad reaction to mosquito bites. So, it is best to get rid of them if you notice a pest problem.



Cockroaches are unsanitary and can cause many issues, especially if they get into your food stores. Populations can also proliferate, so it is better to get pest control in New Prague services to deal with them.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Species of bed bugs can also take over your home. Bed bugs are unhygienic, and their bites are uncomfortable. Bug Tech can help you care for your bed bug issues instantly.

Rats and Bats


Rats and bats also pose a health hazard. They can also do a lot of damage to your home and business premises. These populations are also known to soar very quickly. Bug Tech can sort out your rodent infestation easily and preventatively.

Get in Touch with Bug Tech for Pest Control in New Prague Today

No one likes to have creepy crawlies or rodents in their home. If you notice a pest problem, you should contact a pest control company like ours as soon as possible.

To protect your home from unwanted pests, reach out to Bug Tech for a free quote today. Our New Prague pest control team looks forward to assisting you.