If you have a spider problem, chances are you checked out last weeks article, “How to Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home.” If you haven’t, we highly recommend taking a look. We know so many of our clients feel the same way we do about choosing more natural methods of pest management, so this article is for you!

Have you ever heard the statistic that there is a spider within three feet of you at any one time? Whether or not that’s true, the idea is a little terrifying. There is no doubt that spiders are everywhere.

These eight-legged creatures terrify many people, even though they are incredibly beneficial to our environment. While they are good to have around, that doesn’t mean you want them in your home.

If you think you have a spider problem in your house and are wondering how to get rid of spiders, call Environmental Pest Management. The professionals at EPM want to solve your spider problem quickly, safely, and in a lasting way that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, or eight of them!

Herbs and Essential Oils

If you want to get rid of spiders in your home but prefer not to use dangerous chemicals, you are in luck! There are a variety of herbs and essential oils you can use to remove spiders.

Natural remedies are centuries-old, and dealing with pesky spiders is no exception. There are some incredibly useful essential oils and herbs that spiders hate!

If you prefer to use dried herbs, make little sachets and place them around your home wherever you notice spiders. You can purchase these sachets, or bundle the herbs in a breathable material, or even paper towels or tissue paper.

You can also make a homemade spider spray with herbal essential oils and water or witch hazel. Place a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and rub along door frames and baseboards where you see spiders most often.

Look for eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, cinnamon, citrus, or cedar essential oils or herbs. These concentrated oils will kill a spider on contact. Use one or more of these essential oils to make your own homemade spider spray and start repelling them immediately.


Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, is another natural way to treat a spider problem. DE is a soft, sedimentary rock that crumbles easily into particles or powder. It is also poisonous to spiders and insects and mostly harmless to humans and pets.

Diatomaceous earth can be found online or in a variety of stores. Just sprinkle a fine, even layer of DE in areas of your home where you see spiders. DE will slowly dehydrate the spiders, not kill them immediately.


If you have a green thumb or are just able to plant things, consider using plants as a defense against spiders. Placing certain plants inside and outside of your home can repel spiders and create a barrier around your home.

Planting lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and mint will help keep spiders at bay. Plus, many of them are beautiful and smell wonderful near your doors and windows.

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You can use a variety of nuts to fight off spiders. Placing chestnuts, horse chestnuts, or walnuts around your home, under furniture, on windowsills, and outside your home can keep spiders away.

Dry Fruits

Get Them One on One

Maybe you don’t have an infestation yet. Perhaps you see one spider now and then. If this is the case, you can kill each spider you see with a shoe or newspaper.However, if you don’t like the idea of killing the spider, grab an empty jar and place it directly over the spider, open side down. Slide a piece of paper under the spider trapping it in the empty jar. Flip the jar over catching the spider inside, and release it outside AWAY from your home.

Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

On top of taking steps to actively remove spiders from your home, there are things you can do every day that will deter spiders from ever coming inside. Taking a few extra minutes in your day will help keep spiders away.

First, leave the lights off. Spiders eat mosquitos and other insects. These same bugs tend to be attracted to lights. By leaving the lights off, you are keeping spider’s food away from your home. This is a win-win! Fewer spiders and fewer bugs.

Take away potential homes for spiders by removing piles of flowerpots, wood, bricks, or other items around your house. These collections attract spiders as safe places to build webs. Separate these items and store them farther away from your home.

Protect your home by sealing cracks or openings. In particular, look around the foundation, doors, and lower-level windows. These are the most accessible places for spiders to enter. As a bonus, this will help with your heating and cooling bills.

Keeping your home tidy by regularly vacuuming will make a big difference, as well. Ensure you focus on windows and baseboards. Cleaning thoroughly and regularly will remove spiders, their webs, and their egg sacs, preventing an infestation.

Beyond simply vacuuming, decluttering will also help get rid of spiders. Allowing any items, especially trash or recycling, to build up is inviting spiders to build a web. Clutter in attics, basements, garages, or closets attracts spiders. Remove clutter as often as possible.

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