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Pest Control in Minnetonka

Minnetonka means “big water,” which should not surprise anyone who has ever lived in this beautiful lakeside city. The lakes and wetlands of Minnesota are famed all over the country, and Lake Minnetonka is one of the largest and most breathtaking bodies of water in the state.

The benefits that come with residing in a waterfront community also come with a few inherent challenges, including the prevalence of moisture-loving household pests. Living in Minnetonka, MN requires having a solid plan of action for pest management.

When you need to rid your home of carpenter ants, mice, bed bugs, or any other undesirable invaders, you’ll want the best option for residential and commercial pest control in Minnetonka. For quality Minnetonka pest control services, look no further than Bug Tech.

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Experienced Minnetonka Pest Control Services

Our service area includes all of Minnetonka, MN, and surrounding counties and the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area. We provide infestation solutions for residences and businesses alike, and we also offer multifamily pest control services for housing projects and management companies. Our trained experts will tailor their pest management and extermination approach depending on your specific needs.

Our company is also equipped to install TAP insulation, which is an environmentally-friendly, pesticide-coated insulating layer designed to repel unwanted intruders from your attic and walls. Though toxic to pests, TAP is safe for humans and household pets. TAP is a proactive solution to help defend your home while also reducing the energy required for heating and cooling. If you’re interested in learning more about TAP insulation, get in touch with our Minnetonka pest control experts right away.

Free On-Site Evaluations and Estimates

Faced with an ant infestation? Ants are one of Minnesota’s most common household pests, with at least ten different species calling the state home. The proper method of exterminating and controlling ant populations varies depending on the species of ant you’re dealing with. For instance, some types of ants are most likely to build nests inside your home’s wooden walls, while others might prefer to burrow under your paved driveway.

Bug Tech’s experts can help you out by assessing your ant situation on-site for free. We’ll then provide you with an evaluation of the problem and an estimate for treatment, again free of charge. And our services don’t just cover ants; we are also equipped to rid your home of bees, wasps, roaches, mice, beetles, bats, and other unwelcome pests.

Trustworthy Minnetonka Pest Control

As a leading company for pest control in Minnetonka, Bug Tech takes community responsibility and professionalism very seriously. Bug Tech is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is also a member of both the National Pest Management Association and the Minnesota Pest Management Association. You’ll see why our customers highly recommend our services when you turn over your pest control needs to the friendly, rigorously-trained experts at Bug Tech.

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