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Pest Control in Maplewood

Maplewood, MN, is a gorgeous city with many beautiful parks and a lovely downtown. Only a ten-minute drive from St Paul, there’s a lot to appreciate about Maplewood’s beautiful landscapes.

Don’t let a pest invasion keep you from enjoying your hometown! Bug Tech can help keep your home in order and free from common pests. Learn more about our Maplewood pest control services.

Beetle and Other Pest Issues

Bug Tech is a Maplewood pest control company qualified to deal with any unwanted critters in your home. Our team is all master-certified, which requires a two-year training process. We’re fully prepared to deal with:

  • Beetle
  • Bed Bug
  • Termites
  • Ants and Wasps
  • Mice
  • Centipedes
  • And More

Our team creates a customized plan designed for your situation. Timing is essential as certain bugs will prosper during certain times and weather conditions. It would be best to address any invasion as early as possible to prevent further difficulties.

It’s also good to keep knowledgeable about times when these invasions are more likely to occur. During warmer, humid seasons, critters have a higher chance of entering your home, so you must immediately keep watch and call for a Maplewood pest control service.

These irritants can contribute to illness and other health problems, which makes it essential to remove them from your space. They pose the risk of causing health issues such as Lyme Disease and exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses. Don’t risk leaving these ailments in your home or business.

How We Work

When looking for Maplewood pest control, go with a company with experience. Bug Tech has been dealing with pest issues for many years, giving us the skills needed to ensure your home or business is clear from any type of pest.

We conduct extensive safe and sustainable procedures to get rid of any bugs while keeping you safe. If possible, we’ll opt for non-chemical products and avoid harmful substances like pesticides. We’re committed to utilizing solutions that keep you, and the earth protected.

We’re skilled at working in any environment, residential and commercial, so you can feel comfortable in any space. Our system will deal with internal and external coverage to solve the problem, no matter where it originates.

Bug Tech practices the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) style, designed to take a holistic approach to your infestation issues. This system considers the environmental cycle of the creatures within your space in getting rid of them and preventing them from returning in the future. It is also designed to be cost-effective.

Where We Work

Bug Tech started in Rochester, Minnesota but has expanded to provide support across the state. We tackle pest control in Maplewood and the surrounding towns/counties.

We’ve been getting rid of any type of pest since 1986, which gives us the knowledge and experience to tackle any infestation.

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