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Bugtech has been successfully solving all of the pest-control issues for Minnesota residents and business owners since 1986, and we’re proud to still be offering professional, effective services that are friendly to the environment and safe for our customers today. These are just a few of the nuisance creatures that we’re regularly called upon to eradicate in Lakeville and the surrounding areas.



Carpenter Ants: These are the biggest ants in the entire country, and they tend to invade Minnesota homes in search of any scraps of food that you may have left behind. Their large size allows them to deliver a painful bite when they’re disturbed by humans or pets, but the biggest threat that they pose is the destruction of the wood within your home. They’ve been known to tunnel through walls and tear apart all of the wood to use in the construction of their nesting areas.

Pavement Ants: These tiny ants don’t seem so small once huge groups of them invade your kitchen. If they find food just once in your home, then they’ll make their nesting areas under your floors or in your walls to have easy access to a free meal. Once they’ve made themselves at home, you’ll see them in long trails making their way from their nesting area to the food source and back again. They do sting to protect themselves.

Moisture-Dwelling Insects


Centipedes: The common house centipede is no real threat to humans, but most people don’t want these insects that sport 15 pairs of legs to share their living space. You may find them in such areas as the bathtub, the sink, the basement, the garage and in various drains.

Millipedes: Millipedes don’t bite, but they defend themselves by producing a foul-smelling liquid from their bodies that can cause your skin to blister if you touch it. They often turn up in homes in droves, and you may find large groups of them living in your basement or on the porch or the patio.



Mice: When it gets cold outside, the common house mouse likes to move his entire family into your home. They breed rapidly, and you could soon have hundreds of mice eating though all of your boxes of food. They also leave urine and droppings behind that can transmit some serious diseases to humans.

Rats: Norway rats are a big problem in area homes, and you may find them nesting in your basement or attic. These are big rats that weigh as much as a pound, and they can damage your home by gnawing on electrical wiring and insulation. They also carry a variety of serious diseases that can be passed on to humans.

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