Do You Have Carpenter Ants?

Do you think you might have carpenter ants? Do you know what they are and what they do? Why are they so bad? Many people are dealing with carpenter ants and don’t even know it. If you have them, you want to know how to get rid of carpenter ants.

What are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants are often mistaken or confused with termites. Like termites, carpenter ants burrow through wood causing damage to structures. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood; they nest in the wood.

These pests are most noticeable in spring, and they prefer damp and decaying wood that is easy to excavate and burrow through. Because carpenter ants prefer rotting wood, they rarely damage stable structures as the wood is too firm.

Still, carpenter ants are terrible for your home, and you will want to get rid of them as soon as you realize they are present.

What Damage Can Carpenter Ants Do?

Carpenter ants can cause a significant amount of damage before you even realize you have them. Thankfully, they usually do not damage solid, sturdy wood because they prefer damp or decaying wood.

Outdoor storage, sheds, wood piles, or rotted trees, or firewood piles are all desirable locations for carpenter ants. If left unchecked, they will overtake many of these locations and cause them to be structurally unsound.

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What are Some Natural Ways to Get of Carpenter Ants?

Once you have confirmed you have them, you will want to know how to get rid carpenter ants effectively and safely. Before you buy a large bottle of pesticide that is dangerous to you, your family, your animals, and your home, know there are some environmentally friendly ways to attack these pests.

To be precise in your treatment, look for signs pointing to their nest. Carpenter ants will leave a trail of sawdust leading you directly to their nest. Once you know their home base, it is easier to remove them from your home.

Once you have found their nest, you will know where to focus your treatment. Here are several natural, home-remedies to try.

Sugar and Boric Acid Water

In this method, you will combine ten parts sugar water with one part boric acid and add this solution to the food you will use as bait for the carpenter ants. The ants will be attracted to the sugar water, and the boric acid will kill the ants and their nest. However, this method generally takes some time and multiple attempts.

Boric Acid Spray

A more direct attack method would be to spray boric acid directly on the nest, or areas near the nest where you have seen the carpenter ants moving. This method is useful but does require great caution. Avoid spraying boric acid where children or pets play, or near any wiring.

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Diatomaceous Earth

DE is highly effective and safer than boric acid. DE is a soft, sedimentary rock collected from a fossilized plant that is similar to algae. You can purchase food-grade diatomaceous earth because it is safe for children and pets to be around it, and it works because the ants cannot digest the dust. Dusting the nest with DE or injecting it into the nest will kill the colony. However, it might take several attempts to ensure the ants are entirely gone.


Most people have vinegar in their kitchen and have no clue it is an effective weapon to get rid of carpenter ants. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and add peppermint essential oil to a spray bottle. If you want a stronger solution, you can add pepper, garlic, or cinnamon. Spray the nest and their trails, and you will immediately see the ants reaction to the spray. This method will undoubtedly take many doses if it ever completely gets rid of them.

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The Best Defense is a Good Offense

It is important to remember the best defense is a good offense, meaning the best way to get rid of carpenter ants is to keep them from nesting in or around your home in the first place. It is wise to focus on maintaining your house and all the structures around it.

Be sure there is no place for moisture to build up and create damp wood for carpenter ants to make their nest. If you already have damage to any part of your home that might be an inviting place for ants, repair it now.

When it comes to your yard and areas surrounding your house, make sure there are no rotting stumps or damaged trees that might attract carpenter ants. If you have a wood pile, be sure it is not touching your house, store it raised off the ground, and take extra measures to keep it dry.

If any branches touch your house, cut them back immediately. Maintaining pest control in your yard and landscaped areas help prevent carpenter ants as well as other pests. Seasonally spraying your yard is a great start.

What if I Can’t Get Rid of My Carpenter Ants?

Don’t worry! It is very common to have pesky ants that you cannot get rid of by yourself. It may seem like no matter what you do, they keep coming back. If you are having this problem and you don’t know how to get rid of carpenter ants, call the experts at Environmental Pest Management; they know how to get it of carpenter ants and make sure they stay gone.

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Environmental Pest Management is committed to solving your pest problems in an environmentally friendly and safe way, making sure they stay solved, and making sure you can afford it. They began in 1986 and have since been dedicated to using environmentally friendly products and use non-chemical products whenever they can.

Environmental Pest Management also prides themselves on their ability to find the best solution to the particular environment they are in. Whether fighting pests in homes, hospitals, or anywhere in between, great care is taken to ensure they use the best method. Call them today if you have carpenter ants and want to make sure they are taken care of correctly.

With some planning and awareness, you can be successful in your fight to get rid of carpenter ants from your home. With the right tools and knowledge, you can prevent a carpenter ant infestation, or treat one if they invade your home.