The sound of bees buzzing might make you think of delicious honey and flourishing gardens. If the buzzing is coming from inside your home, though, your thoughts may turn to panic. You may quickly start thinking about how to get rid of bees.

While these industrious little creatures are a huge benefit to the ecosystem and so much more, having them in your house is an unwelcome situation.

Bees are a necessary part of nature and have an essential role in our world. Nevertheless, the risk of getting stung can be scary. Many people are allergic to various types of bees, and no one likes the pain of being stung.

Having a bee infestation inside your home can be a worrisome experience. While harming honey bees is not something anyone wants to do, it is necessary to keep them outside where they belong.

If you are having bee trouble, or any issues with other insects invading your home, you can count on the experts at Environmental Pest Management to help find a solution. At Environmental Pest Management, we strive to be aware of our environment and surroundings.

From the health of your family to the care of the ecosystem and nature, we focus on safe pest-removal methods. Removing pests from your home is our priority, and we work to do so through prevention and removal with environmentally conscientious products.

You might be a big fan of what bees are doing for the environment, but you still want to practice safety when they are around. Staying safe around bees includes keeping your home safe and bee-free. Take a look at how bees are fantastic members of society but can become pesky household invaders.

bees flying next to wall

Bees and the Ecosystem

Do you love honey? Whether in your tea, on your toast, as a sweetener, or any other delicious application, honey is fantastic. We all know that this sticky yet yummy substance comes from our friends the bees. Without bees, we wouldn’t have honey, but we also wouldn’t have fruits and vegetables or flowers.

Bees work hard to pollinate our crops. While other insects and animals also pollinate, honey bees are one of the most important groups of pollinators

When it comes to many of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy daily; pollination is essential to their growth.  Citrus fruits, cherries, avocados, peaches, kiwis, melons, and almonds are just some of the plants that require pollination.

Not only is pollination of food crops critical to these plants, but bees also help pollinate other crops, like cotton and alfalfa. Without bees, many of these delicious fruits and vegetables wouldn’t be able to thrive. You can see that bees have a significant impact on our ecosystem.

Since bees work so hard to help keep nature running smoothly, we must treat them with respect. We don’t want to harm these buzzing critters, but we also want them outside doing their job.

bees flying next to wall

Bees in Your House

With all of the beauty outside and options for plants for food sources, why would bees enter your home? Areas in your home such as your chimney, wall voids, or your attic may attract bees. Because these areas are dark and seem safe to the bees, they might think it’s the perfect place to build a nest or hive.

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While most often bees won’t sting without provocation (unlike many wasps and hornets), you still run the risk of being stung or damage occurring to your home. Stumbling upon their hive or nest in your home could lead to many painful stings even if you aren’t trying to harm the bees.

If the bees can build a hive in your walls or crawlspace successfully, the honey they produce could eventually cause rot. In this unfortunate event, other insects could infiltrate your home in search of the spoiled honey, and further damage could happen to the structure of your home.

Honey bee covered with yellow pollen collecting nectar from dandelion flower. Important for environment ecology sustainability. Copy space

How to Get Rid of Bees

If you are dealing with the misfortune of having bees inside your home, you likely have some valid concerns. Figuring out how to get rid of bees can be tricky. It’s essential to let the professionals deal with this situation.

Staying safe is a priority, and if it’s possible to remove the bees without harming them, a professional service like Environmental Pest Management will know how to proceed.

One thing to keep in mind about bees is that prevention is vital. Taking time and care to seal your home and eliminate any problem areas will ensure that bees can’t find their way into your home.

In addition to bees inside your house, sometimes even having bees near and in your yard can be problematic. A swarm of honey bees in a tree near your home can raise the alarm.

If you stumble upon a swarm, don’t be afraid. Many swarms will move on to find the right home. If your swarm seems to be setting up house in your yard, contact a professional pest service like Environmental Pest Management and let them help.

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Environmental Pest Management is Your Eco-Friendly Pest Solution

If you are dealing with pests of any type, Environmental Pest Management is ready to keep your family and home safe. From prevention to removal, we focus on treating your home safely, with sensitivity to the surrounding environment.

Our team of experts is knowledgeable, highly trained, and ready to keep your home pest-free. We offer exceptional service and create a custom plan for each of our clients. We are here to service all of your residential and commercial needs.

If you are ready to protect your home from infestations in the safest and most environmentally conscientious way possible, contact us today. We look forward to working with you and keeping your home pest-free.

Don’t stress about damage to your home and creepy crawlies hiding throughout; work with a responsible pest control company who you can trust.