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Chaska Pest Control

Anyone who’s ever laid eyes on the butter-yellow bricks of Chaska, Minnesota, knows what a special place this is. From the tranquil banks of the Minnesota River to the gentle green slopes of the nationally renowned Hazeltine Golf Club, this vibrant community abounds with serene and beautiful landscapes. However, all these gorgeous lakes and rivers may attract unwanted guests and leave you needing pest control in Chaska.

If you want to thrive as a home or business owner in Chaska, you will need a dedicated action plan to prevent and manage insect and rodent infestations.

That’s where we come in. Our highly rated pest control company is equipped to handle all types of residential, commercial, and multi-family pest problems, providing services to residents of Chaska and the greater St. Paul area. To keep your home pest free this summer, reach out to Bugtech for a free estimate.

Residential Pest Control Services

Our extermination specialists have covered you if you’re dealing with little creatures in your home. As leading experts in Chaska pest control, we tailor our approach depending on the problems you’re experiencing.

For instance, if you’re faced with a bed bug invasion, you can trust our experts to be intentional and thorough as they scour your furniture, walls, carpets, and even wood trim and electrical outlets for signs of infestation.

In addition to offering services to homeowners, we also work with multi-family housing projects and apartment buildings. Our experts know that pest problems within a housing complex can present all sorts of complications for management companies. We work quickly and efficiently to quash existing infestations and prevent future ones, no matter what type of pest you’re dealing with.

Commercial Pest Control in Chaska

Managing a company’s day-to-day needs is time-consuming enough without having to worry about unwelcome invaders as well. Business owners in need of the best pest control in Chaska, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas can sigh relief knowing our expert exterminators are on the job.

Our company is well-versed in the unique requirements of commercial pest control. We’ll dispatch any pest you may be plagued with. We’ll also provide knowledgeable guidance on preventing future infestations from cropping up at your business.

TAP Insulation

In addition to being the leaders in Chaska pest control, our extermination pros are also available to install TAP insulation in your home.

As the only Energy Star product rated by the EPA as an effective insect control method, TAP does double duty in your home. It is an energy-efficient insulation layer and a proven deterrent to unwelcome invaders. You won’t be compromising your household’s safety; while toxic to ants, roaches, and other unwanted guests, TAP is safe for humans and pets.

When you ask our team to install TAP insulation in your home, you’ll be taking proactive measures to protect your attic and walls from infestation while saving money on your heating and cooling bills.

Looking for Highly-Recommended Pest Control in Chaska? Contact Us Today

This summer, take steps to guard your home and property against unwelcome invaders. Living in beautiful Chaska, Minnesota, doesn’t have to mean living alongside insect and rodent infestations. Protect your home from unwanted pests. Reach out to Bugtech for a free quote today.

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