Why the Pest Company You Choose Matters

Male Pest Control Worker Shaking Hands With Happy Woman In Kitchen
Male Pest Control Worker Shaking Hands With Happy Woman In Kitchen

You might not think of putting so much intention into hiring a pest control company; however, it’s crucial to make your selection carefully.

Think about it. Pests in your home represent an invasion of your safe, comfortable, valuable space. Trusting just anyone to eradicate the invaders and restore your area to serenity and security is a careful undertaking.

Our professional team at Environmental Pest Management takes their job seriously. We provide you with trustworthy, reliable pest control services that meet your unique needs with timely, thorough attention.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. We’ll return your home to a pest-free, clean, and safe environment quickly and efficiently, with warm and welcoming customer service at heart.

Hire a pest control company that does the job right

Smiling pest management worker in front of a company vehicle

Partnering with your region’s best pest control company should mean you’ll get great results, clear expectations, and honest service with a fantastic attitude. 

Take care to read customer reviews and other reputation markers on any companies you consider for pest removal services. It’s smart to ask around with neighbors, friends, and family members about their experiences with local pest control companies.

A local referral from someone you trust is the gold-standard for a good business reputation. (Psst: at EPM, we continue to be honored that our customers recommend our services widely across our Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota service areas!)

After all, your pest control company can access your most valuable assets: your home or business. Doing a little pre-treatment digging can help ensure you’ll be pleased with the results.

Do your (pest control) homework

A woman doing research on pest management companies near her

Choosing the right pest control company starts with a little research. There are several selection criteria you must verify before inviting a pest control company into your home.

  1. Trust: Before allowing any service professional into your house, make sure they are licensed (if applicable) and bonded. These credentials mean that the company takes your privacy and security seriously. They are willing to stand by their team members’ honesty and integrity while delivering services in your valuable space.
  2. Membership and local and national professional organizations: When companies join their industry orgs, they have a substantial commitment to quality and oversight. 
  3. Environmental concern: Pest companies especially have a duty to be gentle on the environment with chemicals and practices that do not cause harm to people, pets, or plants, in and out of the house. It’s wise to ask questions about the chemicals used in pest control and how they work to eliminate the intruders in question.
  4. Free inspections: Before a pest control company asks for your money, they should be willing to explore the problem thoroughly and provide an array of solutions from which you can choose the best option.
  5. Safety protocols: How will the pest control company keep chemicals on the pests and not on your counters, floors, clothing, and other surfaces? How will they clean up after themselves? Do they have detailed safety procedures for their staff and customers?
  6. Non-chemical pest solutions: Chemicals are only a piece of the pest control pie. Mechanical measures like crevice-sealing, physical traps, and cleaning practices should be part of the pest control solution mosaic.
  7. Professional appearance: All pest control staff should wear a uniform with their name clearly displayed, as well as provide contact information for questions or concerns.
  8. A “we can solve it” attitude: Even for the most challenging pest infestations, your pest control company should partner with you in their detective work. Rather than settling for “good enough,” your pest company should take the time to be diligent until all pests clear out.
  9. Price clarity and guarantee: Once you’ve agreed to pest control services, the company should honor their quote. Stating clearly the elements of service and noting the cost of add-ons before service begins is paramount to a trust-based relationship.
  10. Commitment to customer satisfaction: If you’re not satisfied with your service, your pest company should work diligently with you to hold up their promises. The job isn’t finished until your pests are gone for good.

What about the cost?

Male Worker With Mask Kneeling On Floor And Spraying Pesticide On Wooden Cabinet Using Flashlight

A worthy pest control company will give you a menu of service options that fit your budget and get the job done. Depending on the type and severity of an infestation, your pest control company should give you a realistic outlook on what it will take to keep your property pest-free year-round.

Rather than being concerned with locking you into a subscription, the company you choose should give you plenty of flexibility, while setting up realistic expectations.

For example, if you notice that carpenter ants return seasonally, your pest control partner should offer one-time pest control visits as well as a preventative maintenance option. You retain the choice to obtain regularly scheduled visits or single treatments, depending on your budget and goals.

Your pest control company should make you aware of the possible outcomes of all your choices, as your unique pest problem may dictate. Plus, your service provider should deliver uniform excellence in service, regardless of the frequency of their visits to your property.

What else should I know about protecting my home or business from pests?

A pest control technician explains something to a customer

Choosing a versatile pest control company with plenty of commercial and residential experience is paramount.  

Environmental Pest Management handles a large number of clientele in small businesses, single-family neighborhoods, and multi-family apartment complexes. There’s no infestation too big or too small for us to handle. We know you simply want relief, no matter where your pests show up.

Environmental Pest Management: your Minnesota pest-buster

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We are proud to have built a business that serves massive buildings to the coziest houses. We have big-company resources, experience, and expertise combined with community values that count.

When pests disrupt your business, home, or comfort, we come to the rescue. Trust our deep Minnesota roots, environmental stewardship, great rates, and variety of service options to keep your space pest and worry-free.

Visit our website today to learn more and schedule a free quote. We’ll have you pest-free in a flash with the best comprehensive service in the region.