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Burnsville, MN Pest Control

When pests start building their colonies in your home or business, we send them away without using products that harm the environment or endanger your family. Burnsville’s plentiful water supply, vegetation, wood and food-stocked homes provide an endless buffet of options for many types of problematic pests.

Tiny armies of these determined pests can invade your home during any season in Minnesota. Some types of ants bite humans, and this causes itchy bumps. They attack your food supply. You may open a box of cereal or a bag of sugar to find hundreds of ants inside.

If you live in a multi-family dwelling, your neighbor’s ant infestation can quickly become your problem as well since ants are small enough to fit under doors and baseboards. For businesses, ants can deter customers. Customers may leave negative reviews online that damage your company’s reputation..

Moisture-Dwelling Pests


Centipedes have pronounced legs that protrude from their body. They usually range in color from tan to dark red. These pests feed off of other bugs such as roaches and flies. However, they will bite humans, which can cause pain, swelling and even numbness at the bite site.

Millipedes are usually gray or black and have much smaller legs. They often curl up in a circle. Although they do not bite, they exude a liquid that can burn your skin or eyes. You will usually find these pests in damp dark places outdoors or in a building.



Mice and rats are two common rodents that invade buildings. You may learn about an infestation when you see them scurrying around your home or business. Since they are elusive, the most common way to identify an infestation is by looking for their droppings, which are dark brown and shaped similar to a caraway seed. You may also notice a smell of urine in areas where there is little foot traffic.

Also, rats often travel through HVAC ducts and urinate in them, which causes the air in your home or business to smell of ammonia. Rats are capable of transmitting listeria through their urine. Deer mice droppings may contain hantavirus, which can be fatal.

Outdoor rodents such as possums and raccoons are attracted to garbage cans. They are known carriers of rabies and can be aggressive. All of these pests pose serious liability issues for business owners.

Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions from Bug Busters

At Bugtech, we service the metro areas that are highlighted on our map. Our pest control methods employ integrated pest management, which is less harmful to the environment and more effective as a long-term solution for your home or business. We find the cause of the issue and show you how to prevent it from becoming a recurrent problem instead of simply treating the infestation. However, we do address existing infestations as well. Give us a call for a free estimate, and experience the difference of Bugtech and green pest control. 

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