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Apple Valley, MN Pest Control

If you live in Apple Valley or the metro area and own a home or business, you will likely encounter one or more of these common pests. We send them away with low toxicity methods and restore your peace of mind.

It is common to see these pests during any season. They can enter your home through cracks along windowsills or under doors. Ants invade your food supply. Their bites can cause pain and itching.

People who live in apartments may end up sharing an infestation with neighbors since ants are good at fitting under doors and baseboards. Ants can be a discouraging sight to customers and may cost a food-based business its reputation.

Moisture-Dwelling Insects


Centipedes have long protruding legs. They may be reddish or tan in color. Their diet includes roaches, flies and other pesky bugs. When they bite humans, the site may become numb, painful or swollen. Centipedes usually live in damp yards but can migrate indoors if there is a wet bug-rich environment.

Millipedes are black or gray in color and do not have pronounced legs like centipedes. These pests like cool, dark and damp habitats such as basements or gardens. They are not as aggressive as centipedes and do not bite. However, they do produce a defense liquid that can burn your skin and eyes.



Rats and mice are the most common rodents found in buildings. The first sign of an infestation is usually a sighting of the pest itself or its pellet-like droppings. Some people may notice an ammonia smell, which is from urine. These pests usually live in basements, storage rooms and other areas with little foot traffic.

Rats can crawl through HVAC ducts and behind walls. When they urinate in ducts and areas that relate to a building’s ventilation, the spores from their urine travel. Rat urine may contain listeria, which is a serious illness. The droppings of deer mice may carry hantavirus. The virus is fatal in some cases.

There are also outdoor rodents such as possums and raccoons. They prefer garbage cans for the leftovers. Both rodents can carry rabies and are known aggressors. For business owners, any rodent infestation can be a serious liability issue.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control from Bug Busters

Our service area is highlighted on the map. We use integrated pest management as a less-harmful way to remove and prevent pests. This means that we find what is causing the problem and show you how to remedy it to prevent future infestations instead of regularly removing a major colony of pests. Call us for a free estimate, and see the innovative difference of Bugtech.

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