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At Environmental Pest Management, we understand pests live inside and outside. We treat the source of the problem, wherever it is. We find where mice are getting inside and where they are living and evict them for good. If you want to ensure mice are removed from your home and stay out, call Environmental Pest Management today to set up your free inspection.

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Why We Are The Best

Environmental Pest Management is one of the highest rated pest removal companies in the Twin Cities area. All our technicians are Master Licensed unlike some companies in the metro area. We will work with you to make sure the rodents are removed safely and prevent them from coming back. 


Customized Service

All of our pest control programs are customized for the specific problem occurring. We always consider your safety and budget concerns.


At the initial inspection, we sit down with our customers and go over concerns, desires, and expectations. We consider how often treatment should occur and highlight special areas for extra care. We want our customers to feel they are getting the very best value and strive for that with every service.


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